Importance of Digital Marketing for Immigration Consultants


There has been a rapid increase in immigration business lately as more and more people wish to pull up stakes and move to other countries for better opportunities and enhanced lifestyle. We know operating an immigration business is not a child’s play. You need to stick out among the many fake immigration consulting agencies which are not trustworthy and compete with the other legit firms in the industry at the same time.


If you own or run an immigration services business, you’d be aware of the need and importance of proper marketing skills in order to spread awareness about your services among your potential customers. The key to success of any business is making your services known to the target market. Many migration consultants fail to do so as they lack the digital marketing skills. The key to digital marketing is owning a website. We solve this issue for you as we help you to design your website just the way you want.


You must equip your business with various marketing strategies that have been tried and tested and guarantee success by generating traffic towards your services and building a strong client base.


Plenty of consultants invest all of their time and energy in becoming an expert in their field. They undergo practice and training, but they fail to invest in learning how to grow their consulting business by getting more clients.


A strong digital marketing strategy can actually yield great results to the immigration consultants. There are various long term benefits with organic SEO, Social Media Marketing strategies, and Paid marketing strategies via PPC. One should adopt an umbrella marketing strategy that will work for you from every corner and help you to achieve your short-term and long-term goals.


Among the galore of various well-tested marketing strategies and ideas, we have listed a few which have been tailored perfectly for business dealing with immigration services.




Firstly, the SEO expert team must perform an in-depth analysis of your website and develop a list of various pitfalls in your website and UI/UX before implementing any new SEO strategy. This is a crucial step as it is important for us to know the existing errors in order to rectify them. Some of the common errors in the website are – irrelevant meta titles, Usage of same keywords on every page, extra stuffing of keywords, absence of keyword grouping, missing ALT tags to images etc, no category based structure, non-conversion design etc. Therefore, one must conduct an In-Depth Analysis of your website in order to identify these flaws and rectify them.




After a thorough audit of your website, the Immigration Consultant must analyse the reports and develop a strong execution strategy and task list bound by time to achieve the set milestones. The SEO expert team must share the report with the client regarding where they currently stand, what may be our execution strategy and how we are going to assist them to boost their overall performance.




a.       Fixing the drawbacks

Firstly, fix all the drawbacks that have been recorded during the audit of the website and do it in a way that suits the best for your website and the type of services you offer.

b.      Developing strategy for your brand

Customers have a variety of choices since the competition in this industry is very high. So to gain substantial market share, your company has to stick out from the crowd. Therefore, to ensure that, you must -

-      Study both your consumers and competitors

Dig into the types and customers you have and analyze their needs, preferences, level of education etc. Along with that, you should also study your competitors as well. Identify the services they offer, their charges, the fields they operate in and their marketing campaigns. All of this data enables you to differentiate your services from others and design it in a way that is in accordance with the preferences of the target market.

-       Pin down your company’s USP.

Figure out your company’s USP (Unique Selling Point) and use it to make you stand out of the crowd of your competitors.

-      Enhance and increase creative elements on your website.

Create the look, feel and voice for your immigration consultancy brand that resonates across all marketing channels – social media, website, online advertisements etc.

c     Improving visibility in search engines by building links.

Certified Immigration Consultant should begin focusing on how to improve their visibility in search engines. Many search engines like Youtube, Google etc are the primary means people use to search for websites and pages online. This can mainly be done in two different ways:

-      Paid Advertising.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a method to advertise your services through search engines. Under this, Each time someone clicks on your advertisement, he gets paid. It allows Immigration Consultants to reach out to their potential clients with less efforts and cost.

-      Growing your brand organically.

You can also grow your website organically. That is, without paying for the advertisement. It can be done through social media, writing blogs, newspapers, interacting with online communities or having a few loyal customers who would spread the word about your brand. 

d.       Optimize your website

Your website is an online gateway to your firm and the services provided by you. It’s possibly one of the best marketing tools available to spread awareness among the target market about your brand. To make people coming back to you for more and to attract new customers, an Immigration consultant must keep in mind the target audience while optimizing your website to attract more traffic, make visitors to stay longer and make them come back for more. Given below are the few techniques one may use to optimize your website.

-      Using good & functional web design

A Good Design reflects aesthetic functionality. The first priority of the Consultants should be to make their website attractive as well as make sure it’s functional and has all the right buttons and links. The layout of the website should be designed simple with good use of colors and fonts while making  sure that the logo, tagline, etc are clearly visible.

-      Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is important to use keywords based on the way people search for similar content throughout the internet while developing content for a website. It should not be random but strategic. Keywords should be used efficiently.

-      Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is a method of using analytics and user feedback to improve the performance of a website. It helps to convert passive visitors into active ones. Immigration Consultants can use appropriate calls to action, persuasive messaging and excellent testimonials on their website to get better feedback.

e.       Writing Quality Content

Quality content is the most important factor to build a good website. You must build a quality content through which you as an Immigration Consultant can express to people how your immigration consultancy works for them and fulfills their needs. This kind of quality content shows the search engines that your brand in an industry leader and worthy of an organic search. Quality content can be achieved in the following ways:

-      Creating Blogs

Creating blogs is one of the best ways to spread awareness about your brand among the potential customers and create value for your brand. Blogs should be such that talk directly to the customers and give them details about the industry and brand.

-      Post breaking news articles occasionally

Besides creating blogs, short articles can also be created. It’s unique and newsworthy and provides a change to your customers and leaves a positive impression of your brand and services.

f.     Social media as a tool to spread brand awareness

Unlike the earlier times, social media is not just about sharing photographs or finding friends. It has been evolving tremendously and becoming a global platform to connect with the target audience and give it a personal touch. Some of the many options are Facebook and Twitter.

Search for social media platform which suits your brand. Design posts, pictures and messages relating to your brand which helps you and create a strategy for your consultancy to decide what type of content you will post and how many times a week or month.

Building brand awareness for immigration consultants takes time, patience and sincere commitment. Thus, Start Already!



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