5 Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents in Canada


Marketing can be a hectic job unless you know where to begin with and where to head towards.
And upon that, marketing for Real Estate Agents? Well, it’s a whole new world now, tech and trends are changing by the day and to keep oneself updated can be a bit challenging.

With the shift in the consumer patterns and behaviour, companies are struggling to keep hold of the existing market share, let aside increment in sales.

Penetration in the market has become very difficult as more and more companies are entering the market and the competition is neck-breaking.
Marketing differs from product to product and market to market. FMCG companies struggle to maximize their reach and register their brands in the consumer’s mind to get sales but for a sector like Real Estate, where even entry ticket size is massive, there’s a lot to be taken in consideration before you make your next business plan.

Real Estate as a product has been struggling globally as recession has hit Real Estate in the past couple of years. Having said that, the need for Real Estate is only going to increase and this is the industry where sky is the limit. So for a down cycle struck market, the planning should also be a little rugged.


Consumer Facts

*90% of the consumers search the internet before making any purchase
*Facebook Business Pages have 50% more conversion as compared to non-social businesses
*Canada is expected to see a surge in Real Estate as the government’s Entry Program is a HIT

*Social Real Estate Agents enjoy 75% more conversions over agents who don’t engage with clients
As for a decisive strategy, one has to understand the current scenario. Woah! Don’t get it on your
nerves. Read ahead and the picture will get clearer:

Consumer Behaviour - the utmost important aspect to take into consideration is the behaviour of your market. 90% of the people interested in buying a property, search online before making any kind of decision. They research different developers in the market and read customer reviews, the past experiences people had with a particular developer and then they
gain some clarity about which direction to head towards.

Get Social - every Real Estate Agent must get social. You market your product where your
customer is. And your customer has gone digital and 80% of the buying decision comes from what he gets online. If you want to be successful, you must build your page on Facebook, Instagram and should also join local groups related to your niche. This way, you will be able to
promote your products better and to the right audience.

Be approachable - people must know who you are. Buying decision is something which is made after taking a lot of things into consideration. For a ticket size like CAD 500,000+, you must
make yourself known to people. You should actively interact with people and build trust around them, only then it will be easier for you to sell them any project you want, as they will believe that you will only sell what is good.

Build your Google My Business page - as soon as you pitch a property, the first thing people will do is, they’ll go searching about you. Who you are and what your company is all about. Non-presence of your business on the search engine will result in loss of trust. In a survey, 85% of people responded in a positive manner for a company that was registered with
That’s also a part of our services, to optimize and build your online presence.

Brand yourself - most of the businesses fail because they fail to brand themselves to stand
out of the crowd. For a business like Real Estate, branding is utmost important, it enhances
people’s trust in you. How to brand yourself? Organise:
-Invite them over lunch and showcase your projects there
Get a good designing partner, and get attractive graphics for your banners, standees, flyers etc.
Offline promotion builds goodwill in the local market and people start to connect with you over-

Bonus Tip - Always address queries of previous clients because they are the ones who will get you the next set of clients. Remember, recommendation by a known person has a 90% conversion rate.

Did I mention about the surge in Real Estate because of the Express Entry Program? Well, we’ll discuss it in the time to come. Till then you get yourself good branding and contact us to know how we can help you expand your business.

Until next time!

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