The Power of Hashtags – Can make you a hero or a zero.


Today, a hashtag has become more than a useful tool, it has become a symbol of the modern age. As we marketers tend to adopt any trend under the sun, it’s quite natural hashtag marketing is on the rise now.

But how did it get to be such a powerhouse in the online landscape? How can you use the hashtag to market your brand? And if everyone is doing it, how can you customize your hashtag marketing to compete with bigger names in the business without spending an arm and a leg to do it?

So do not fret. Instead just grab some coffee and sit!!

Hashtags have become a part of our daily lives now. But do you know how they evolved?  While many people think the hashtag originated on Twitter, it was actually not until several years after it had been created that the micro-blogging site was even conceived of. The actual place of origin was Internet Relay Chat (IRC), where it was used as a way to create, search or join chat groups already in progress on the network. 

Early adopters of the Internet will remember how much this simple symbol altered the function of social interaction on the web. But it hasn’t lost any of its power today. 

Do you want to take your hashtag-game to another level? 

Do you want your page to be as engaging as it can be?

Do you want your amazing content to reach your desired target audience?

Then you have arrived at the right place.

We have listed our Top 5 tips which have been experimented for real on Instagram. Believe it or not, after reading this article, you might want to try it all. So, let’s begin!


1. Have your unique Branding hashtags with other hashtags related to your content:

Do you want your audience to arrive at your page ultimately? If yes, then it’s necessary to have a unique brand hashtag to increase your brand awareness and reach. The hashtag shouldn’t have been created before by any account and should not imitate any. If you do not check this out before coming up with your hashtag, then there would be no uniqueness left.

Code tip: Creating a hashtag of your own is a good idea because it helps make your content searchable. However, you can also screw this up if your made-up hashtag is the only one, you’re repeatedly using.

Think about it for a second. Hashtags aren’t for just being trendy or cool. There’s a real utility behind them!

People use them to search for new content and accounts.

So, using your own hashtag is good, but you have to support it with a few others to see the best results. 

2. Treat hashtags like keywords. Be Specific. It should always be relevant to your post:

Instagram allows you to use only 30 hashtags per post and so use this opportunity wisely. Sometimes even with 4 hashtags you can get your desired likes and reach than you could have got with 30 hashtags. The more specific your hashtags are, the more visible your post will be. Going after the most popular hashtags sounds like a good idea on the face of it. But what often happens instead is that your content gets lost in a never-ending stream.

So, treat hashtags just like you would keyword for SEO.

3. Hashtags with reach less than 650K might work the best for you:

 You must be wondering why are we saying so because usually we tend to think that the more trending a hashtag is, the more people are aware of it? That’s not the case always. #Instagood has been used in more than 1 billion posts and whenever you attach that tag to your post, you might get immediate likes for a few minutes but not after that period of time. It is because of the fact that many people post pictures every second and because of this, your post might not stand out of the crowd after a point.  

Code Tip: Use tags which have not more than 650K posts tagged to it or if possible, choose one which is even lesser than the above number. The more specific and less trendy your hashtag is, the longer will your post be visible to the audience and reach more people. 

4. Always add hashtags to your stories. Use maximum of 10 relevant hashtags:

Most of us forget to add hashtags to our stories and expect our stories to reach a wider audience. We tend to add hashtags everywhere possible but always forget this platform. In case you don’t want to show your audience that you have used tags but want your post to reach everyone, then you can simply use hashtags and camouflage them with the background. This will help you achieve the attention of your desired audience. 

Code Tip: You can use a maximum of 10 hashtags in your story so do not forget to focus on specific hashtags and refrain from using generic hashtags. Also, you could gain some brownie points by tagging people to your story and hiding the tags underneath your picture. This way, you can work and play smart! 

5. Refrain yourself from trying to create a trending hashtag for every post:

Whenever we go through a client’s social media plans, specifically their approach to Instagram, one of their goals is usually to create a trending hashtag in order to bring in new customers. While this is an okay goal, and we understand why you might want to do it, the problem is that creating a trending hashtag is hard work and quite unrealistic. There is a much easier method.

With this method, you engage with hashtags that are already trending. Provided they are relevant to your industry, there is potential for you to do very well through this method. The idea is to interact with a hashtag that’s already gaining traffic and use it to your advantage. If the hashtag is relevant to you, your content might be relevant to those using it.


Hashtags are important, and they are here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. Don’t limit yourself by using hashtags and waiting for people to come to you. Go to them. Instead of using hashtags as a self-promotion tool, use them to engage with your audience and listen to them. Sooner rather than later, you will have people promoting for you.

We hope you learned some interesting tips and tricks and we wish to see you implement these. 

If the above tips have helped your grow your page or increase the reach of your posts, then do let us know! We would love to hear from you. 

What’s your favourite Instagram hack to get people to discover your brand?

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