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While you may have great plans and resources to achieve your business goals, you must face the reality that the competition in the market is higher than ever and you definitely need to stand out of the crowd to make a mark.


What contributes towards making you an identifiable brand is how you appear to your customers. Whether you are a work from home business or a full-fledged organization, having a professional look is very important.


Let's take your story a little to the past.


You started as a business and did everything on your own. Right from hiring the workforce to organizing processes and finally establishing yourself as a unique business identity. The efforts paid and you got a hold in the market, but, like any progressive business, you must keep the spark lit and plan for even more prosperous future. This means that you should start combing your setup and make it finer to look and present, which isn’t easy to do on your own, especially with no creative and technical qualification.


At The Adcode, We Bring The Expertise In Redefining Your Business Look And Make It More Professional And Presentable. If You Are Ready For Your Journey From “Brand New” To “Branded” Here Are Some Awesome


Tips You Need To Follow:


1. Get a business phone number and registered address


The importance of having a phone number for your business need not to be explained. When you have a phone number and a dedicated address, you can tell your customers how and where to reach you.


Keeping your personal and professional number different is also important if you want to make a professional impression on your new and existing customers, for instance, you will certainly don't want your customer to visit you get the impression that you are not a professional business because you don't have a dedicated office address.

Similarly, not having a dedicated professional phone number means you can anytime answer a professional call in a casual tone because you cannot identify the number for being personal or business oriented.

There are a number of options when it comes to having a professional phone line.


You can have a conventional landline number, a mobile number or even have a VoIP number, which connects you with your customer at any time of the day.


In case of address, you can have your own setup in a separate space or even book a cubical in a shared space. Anyway, the motive is to offer the customer with a permanent address to reach you.


2. Go online - buy a business domain name, a website and create social media profiles


The new face of doing business is operating online. Without an online identity, not only you lose significant market share but also deteriorate credibility. As you are aiming to appear as a professional business an online identity is your jumpstart.


Buying a domain name should be the first step towards going online. You might have operated on free domain names but as you look forward to become a professional figure it is important that you get a unique domain that represent your business. A private domain name is easy to remember and let your customers find you more quickly. The shorter and simple a domain name will be, the more easily your customer would find you.

It is important that your domain name is simple, correctly spelled and have a meaning associated to it which further draws meaning from your business.


Similarly having a professional website is what enhances your professional attributes. However random website design won’t do the magic. You must hire a professional to make you an attractive website that is bespoke to your business and spreads the right message. The professional website designer and developer will ensure that that your website has the best color, theme, plugins, call to action, images, graphics and other attributes that enhance the attractiveness and user-friendliness of the website.


Going further, social media profiles are the backbone of your online identity. The social media platforms allow businesses to present themselves to their customer in the most authentic form.


You can mold your social media profiles to project a picture that best represents your business.

Make sure to use the best themes, add a professional bio and fill in all the details that are important towards identifying your social media profile from other random profiles.


3. Design a logo

A logo is very important for every business to look professional. It is a visual representation that helps your customers identify you. The ideal logo speaks about your business ideology, products/ services and values without using words.

To achieve this goal, you must connect with a professional company to help you out with the best logo design that says it all.


The logo should be easy to understand and identify.


Make sure to describe your business in the best way to the logo designer to ensure that he gives you the most productive and creative outcome.


4. Product photoshoot or a video

The visual aspect of any business is the most powerful tool to certify your professional identity.


It is important that you focus on the representation of your products and use photos and videos to make a connection with the customers. Imagine visiting a website that has dull and low-quality images of products.


Would you like to buy any? Certainly not!


Then how can you expect your customers to buy when your website photographs and videos aren't that appealing.


To make sure that your customers are encouraged to make a purchase & perceive you as a professional you must have high-quality photos and videos on your website.


Hire a professional company for a product photo shoot and video creation that aids you in making a mark on your customers.


5. Make an impact with the content

In the Modern Times, the visitors to your website have high expectations as they understand that it is possible to offer personalized web experiences. The best content on the website means that you are making your website more welcoming to the visitors.


A professionally written web copy is what compels the customer to perceive you as a professional player.


However, make sure that the content is attractive, high end and easy to interpret at the same time.


So, these are a few tips that help you build a professional identity and make everlasting impressions on your customers. When you appear professional, not only you retain the existing customers but also attract many new, who intends to stay with you for long term.


Do not lose another minute looking that dull business, its time you become “Brand New” to “Branded”.

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